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October Newletter

Howdy folks,  it is so hard to believe that the season is almost done, what happened to the Summer.  First is was cold and wet, raining all the time, now, it has not rained for 2 months.  Wonder what the winter will be like.

I pray every day for our country.  Folks, we are a mess. ...

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September News letter

Well, it is hard to believe September is here, school has started.  Where did the year go? Today when I work up it was 42 and it is only September 2.  Mother nature has been trying to tell us something all Summer long.  I am looking forward to my time away from the farm,...

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August Newsletter

Well everyone, I can hardly believe it is August. Where did Summer go. Today it is so cold I thought it was Fall. Well, this cold raining weather has really taken a toll on the crops. In 32 years I never had this much water in my basement. It was actually bubbling...
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July News Letter

Well this is a few days late.  Strawberry season has ended and it is veggie time. The vegetables are planted and growing. Now if we could just control Mother Nature.  We are busy planting the 4th. planting of cucumbers and zucchini.  The melons look good.  Now it is time to renovate the strawberry patch to get...
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