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June New letter

Hello, everyone. How are all my wonderful friends and costumers? Well, it sure has been an up and down Spring.  Mother Nature has not been herself.  The asparagus took a big hit not producing well at all.  Oh, well.  Mary finally was able to get into the field and planted the tomatoes, peppers, egg plant etc.


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May News Letter

Well, April came and guess what?  I just wasn't myself and forgot to update the web site and missed April all together.  April is hard as that is when I lost my best friend.  So, now it is May and we are open. I am so proud of my daughters, that as I type this I...
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March News letter

Hi, everyone. March came in like a lion, let's pray is goes out like a lamb. It sure was a beginning to March 1, cold, wet, rain, snow and wind. Well, we are busy getting ready for the New Year.  Praying that we don't get a late freeze.  I am enjoying traveling to see the grand kids and watch their many...
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