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Late Christmas Letter

Sorry this is so late in getting updated.  We have been busy.  Mary finally got the berries done.  As for Susie, she has put over 2000 miles on the car driving to see the grand kids. Christmas time is a time of gratitude.  We should all be grateful for the many Blessings that have been bestowed...
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November 2016

Hi, everyone. Mary is  pulling her hair out, trying to teach me the new website.  Ha, ha. I am of the old school before computers, give me a pen and pad.  I am always jumping the gun and pushing the wrong button.  Help. We at Susie's continue our appreciation for the your loyalty to us as we still...
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Wowzer’s it’s October!!!

Where has the summer of 2016 gone- here we are October 4th, and time just doesn't seem to be slowing down, only speeding up. Before we know the store will be shut down for the winter months, and we'll be planning for the spring of 2017. It's been a good and bad year for us, here at...
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