May 2019


Yes, we know it has been awhile since we've updated. It has been a long winter, and its turning out to be a long wet, chilly spring.

Let us catch you up on the happenings of our family this fall/winter/spring.

First, is the Winch Family- Susie's eldest daughter. They opened a state of the art robotic milking barn on the dairy farm this past October. It is truly amazing. Randy the eldest grandson got his driver's license, and has been busy doing Dairy Judging. Wesley, the middle grandson went out to Washington D.C and was chosen to help lay a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. He too has been busy with dairy judging. Matthew, the youngest, is busy keeping up with his brothers, started learning how to play percussion. The 3 boys certainly keep the family busy.

Second, the Perry Family- Susie's middle daughter. They had an active winter, as Hayley the eldest granddaughter started her first year in 4-H. So, the family is gearing up for 4-H by learning about rabbits, as this is one of Hayley's projects. Hannah, the youngest granddaughter started taking piano lessons, so the Perry household is filled with laughter and music.

Third, would be the Brubach's. You see Kevin and Mary every day at the farm, as you know Mary is the farmer now. They had a rough winter, as Kevin lost his eldest brother unexpectedly in January. Kevin is busy as usual at General Mills. Mary is just shaking her head and praying that Mother Nature warms up, so she can pick asparagus, and get the veggies planted in the field.

Last but not least, is myself, Susie. I survived the winter. Been busy running to Wisconsin and Southern Illinois to see the grandkids at all their various functions. Plus, trying to do things for myself. I am looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces this summer.

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